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Galaxy Club


Parkland Staerkel Planetarium photo
We offer various educational programs for school field trips, Scout troops, day care groups, park recreation, civic groups, and others.

Our World of Science lectures provides a monthly forum in which a local scientist discusses his or her specialties.

Enjoy weekend public Planetarium shows for residents of all ages. Explore this website for descriptions of our current shows. Contact us at See our calendar for what's playing.



** Our summer schedule ends July 31. . . we will temporarily suspend Saturday programming and add matinees on Tuesday afternoons (1 & 2pm) and Thursday morning (10 & 11am). See our calendar for a full schedule. You don't need a reservation - all tickets are sold at the door! We'll go back to Friday/Saturday night programming (no matinees) in August.

Prairie SkiesTraditional "Live" planetarium at its best! "Prairie Skies" Friday nights at 7pm

Take a live tour of the current night sky (and not have to swat mosquitoes)! Learn how to find the current constellations and planets, plus hear a few of the legendary stories featuring the imaginary figures above us!







New Horizons patch

"New Horizons: An Expedition to Pluto" ends July 31!

Launched on January 29, 2006 and due to fly by the Pluto system on July 14, 2015, the New Horizons probe will give humanity its first close up view of what was once the Ninth Planet. Though American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930, we still know very little about this remote little world. Even Hubble Space Telescope images show us only vague surface structures. The New Horizons craft flew by Pluto and its moons July 14. New images are added to the show as they become available. Experience this once-in-a-lifetime fly by with us! Friday nights at 8pm.


One World One SkyThe gang from Sesame Street returns for matinees this summer!

Explore the night sky with our friends from Sesame StreetTM. "One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure" returns as a matineed this summer! Join Big Bird, Elmo, and Hu Hu Zhu as they take an imaginary trip to the Moon. See how the Moon is different from the Earth and learn how to find the Big Dipper and North Star from your backyard. This interactive show for young children was co-produced by the Adler Planetarium, Sesame Workshop, the Beijing Planetarium, and Liberty Science Center. See it Tuesdays at 1pm or Thursdays at 10am. Admission is $5 adults, $4 students, seniors, and children under 12.


Coyote Explores the Earth Moon and SunOur silly coyote returns this summer, beginning June 9.

Explore the relationships between the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun with the help of Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions who has many misconceptions about our neighbors in space. His confusion makes us think about how the Earth, Moon and Sun work as a system as we distinguish between myth and science. Examine how the Sun rises and sets and how the Sun shines, then learn about craters on the Moon, phases and eclipses. Lastly, we look at past exploration of the Moon.   Admission is $5 adults, $4 students, seniors, and children under 12.




Odyssey"Odyssey" begins on August 7 as we return to regular Fri/Sat night programming

The quest to comprehend the universe is an ancient one, beginning when our first ancestors looked up into the sky and wondered.  "Odyssey" takes us on a personal voyage of discovery through the cosmos, from the legends and monuments of early sky watchers to an imaginary flight through the Solar System and our home galaxy, and into the very depths of space and time.  Come . . .take a ride! 







See the Goose Kaler Meteorite Collection now on display in our lobby

On loan from the Kaler family, the meteorite collection contains samples from Canyon Diablo, Esquel (Argentina), Gibeon (Namibia), and Sikhote-Alin (Siberia). The "monster" of the collection is a 16 kilogram iron meteorite that you can touch. A brochure containing background information on the samples can be picked up in our lobby or you can download one here.