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Spring 2017 Construction Alert!  

Construction has begun at Parkland that will affect our planetarium patrons.   Please see the map and click here for a larger version.   Work on the sidewalks north of the planetarium has already begun and the area in yellow has been fenced off.   IF you park in the M-1 lot, you'll have to walk around the orange fencing.   We are expecting this work to be completed by the end of May. 


Beginning May 22, half of our circle drive will be blocked off (see the pink area on the map).   For school buses bringing kids on field trips, there will be a bus lane set-up in the Tony Noel parking lot (W-building) west of the planetarium - look for the orange cones.   For our regular patrons, it is best to park in the C-4 lot and either enter through the Miner Theater entrance or walk about the Fine & Applied Arts wing (both marked with red arrows).   Note the M-7 entrance to the college (the planetarium's "back door") will be unreachable during this time. 


June 13 update . . . . the Bradley entrance to the college is now OPEN and traffic can flow around the entire perimeter drive.   The planetarium circle drive is still closed for repaving but it may be open by next week.   We are told that the construction fence will be removed to allow patrons to walk from the M-1 lots to our back door by the end of this week.   Thanks for your patience! 






Driving Directions
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Park in the C-4 lot, south of the planetarium dome and follow the signs to the planetarium.

School Buses
School buses masy use our circle drive until its closure on May 22.  After this date, please use the bus lane set-up at the Tony Noel Ag Center, west of the planetarium .  School buses may pull into the planetarium circle drive to drop off students. In most cases, buses can stay here for the duration of the field trip, provided the passage through the open-air archway is not blocked (this is a fire lane). In cases where we have a number of buses visiting, buses can temporarily park in the M-lots to the north of the dome.

             Click on the map for a larger image