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Parkland telecourses provide students with a convenient, alternative way to earn college credit without attending on-campus class sessions. Composed of high-quality video programs with supporting textbooks and study guides, telecourses allow learners to “go to college” and fit their studies into their busy schedules. Course titles, numbers, and credits are equivalent to on-campus versions of the courses.

Telecourse videos may be viewed in any of several ways. Watch them on PCTV, or pick up videos at the Parkland Lilbrary and at community libraries and video stores (call 217/353-2342 for locations).

Call 217/373-3767 or select the Online Learning link for more information.


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Telecourses broadcast schedule and course information: Select course number for catalog information.

ACC 101-081:   Financial Accounting

ANT 103-081:   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

BIO 120-081:   Fundamentals of Nutrition

BUS 101-081:   Introduction to Business

HIS 105-081:   History of the U.S., 1865 to Present

PSY 101-081:   Introduction to Psychology

PSY 207-081:   Introduction to Child Psychology

REL 120-081:   Religions of the West

SOC 101-081:   Introduction to Sociology


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