Parkland College Archives

The Archives is the central location for historical information associated with Parkland College. The Archives offers a rich and diverse collection of historical materials including paper documents, photographs, architectural drawings, microfilm, audiovisual tapes, and memorabilia.

The History of Parkland College is a brief online exhibit of some of these materials. A slideshow, created to mark our 35th anniversary, presents additional images of historic interest.

For assistance, contact Archivist Jessica Lapinksy:


Access to Archives
Archives access is available to Parkland College faculty, staff and enrolled students as well as alumni and researchers. Access is by appointment only. Some archival material has access restrictions for reasons of confidentiality or condition.

Borrowing Materials

Archive materials do not circulate and cannot leave the Archives facility.

Using the Archives

No food or drink is allowed while using archival material. Marking, folding, or removing any archival material is not allowed. Material should be kept in its original order, in the folders in which it is supplied, and handled carefully. Slips will be provided to indicate where copies are desired.


Contact the Information Services Desk regarding reproduction services (photocopying, scanning, duplicating etc.). Orders will be filled as staff time permits; large orders may require a substantial amount of time.


Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish them. Provision of copies does not constitute permission to publish. Separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the Director of the Library. In all cases publication or display of our materials must carry the credit line: "from the collection of The Parkland College Archives."



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