Parent Testimonials:


"Throughout the five years that we have had the pleasure of sending our two boys to the Parkland Child Development Center, we have experienced nothing but complete happiness and satisfaction with the professionalism of the teachers and staff at this incredible center.  Our boys have thoroughly enjoyed their mornings at the PCDC, and as parents, we have always felt that the Center provides a safe, nurturing, and dynamic space for them to grow.  We always and wholeheartedly recommend the Parkland Child Development Center whenever we are asked about local childcare providers."

--Brian and Vickie Nudelman


"Our son has enjoyed his 3+ years at Parkland’s CDC. He started in the toddler classroom where there were a variety of activities within a structured environment. My son thrived on the routine and picked it up quickly. His teachers were clearly nurturing and loving, but we also appreciated their consistency in how they interacted with the kids.  My favorite story happened during naptime. He knew the rules were to keep his head on his cot but his sock was falling off. So very carefully, keeping his head on his cot, he slowly reached down to try to get his sock, fumbling with it for several minutes without ever lifting his head off the cot! This showed me his teachers were consistent in expectations for the kids.


With positive “peer pressure”, he learned potty training from other kids in his class. He met his “best friend” (his words!) in the toddler class, and they moved up to the preschool class together. We love the diversity in the classrooms, in both age and ethnicity. Our son learned to read a clock early so his teachers came up with unique activities for him to practice clock reading (which he loved). At parent teacher conferences, his teacher always had a binder full of examples and pictures demonstrating objectives he had met and which they are still working on. Often when I come to pick him up, he tells me he doesn’t want to leave! I would recommend Parkland’s CDC to anyone who wants a daycare that values playtime and creativity for kids in a structured environment. It’s reasonably priced, too, and they are always willing to work with me when our schedule changes."



                                                                                                   --Christina Beatty


"Words simply cannot convey how positive the experience my children had at the Child Development Center was.  My children still talk about the wonderful teachers they had and how much fun the program was.  As a mom and educator, I appreciated how much learning took place while my children were having fun through the Center's use of the Creative Curriculum.  I watched friends' children being stifled in a more academically rigid preschool program.  I much preferred the Child Development Center's approach of working with preschoolers' natural tendencies rather than against them.  Each child was supported as she developed at her own pace.  I wish every child could have such a nurturing preschool experience."

                                                                                                                                   --Virginia Lehmann



"Our daughter has been challenged, encouraged and supported in all her classroom activities. The enthusiasm and acceptance of the staff has stimulated her eagerness to learn and discover new things."

--Kelly Hill


"I have had the great privilege of my son attending Parkland College Child Development Center.  As a Parkland College Student and Parkland Employee, having my young son so clsoe has been a blessing.  Not only is it convenient to carpool to the same location everyday, my son receives the best care from loving, creative and attentive teachers.  I like that my son is influenced by many backgrounds and even by child development students of Parkland.  Everyday at PCDC is structured with fun and educational activities as well as silliness and plenty of play.  The gym and play yard are an awesome way for him to run off his energy.  I am grateful that my son has the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch and snack with his peers.  My life is much less stressful knowing thay my son is well cared for and educated.  I recommend PCDC to any parent looking for a wonderful place to care for and educate their young children."

                                                                                                                           --Phyllis Renea Walters




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