Parent Testimonials:


"Throughout the five years that we have had the pleasure of sending our two boys to the Parkland Child Development Center, we have experienced nothing but complete happiness and satisfaction with the professionalism of the teachers and staff at this incredible center.  Our boys have thoroughly enjoyed their mornings at the PCDC, and as parents, we have always felt that the Center provides a safe, nurturing, and dynamic space for them to grow.  We always and wholeheartedly recommend the Parkland Child Development Center whenever we are asked about local childcare providers."

--Brian and Vickie Nudelman


"PCDC has been the most rewarding and consistent experience my child and I have shared through the toddler years. My son's growth and development is truly amazing and with regular parent-teacher conference his achievements are well documented and demonstrated in detail. What has meant the most to me are the people. They are nothing short of a miracle here at PCDC. Support, guidance and reassurance come from all areas. There are no words to explain what they have done for my son and me. With much gratitude I feel I have found a family here at PCDC."

--Melissa Creek

"When we first brought our son to the CDC we were nervous! He'd never been in anyone's care but ours. It wasn't long before we realized he was excited to come to the CDC in the morning. He loves his teachers and they give him great attention. He's always coming home with new songs and games. It's a great environment for play and learning."

--Sam & Sarah Alderfer

"My daughter started attending PCDC when they initiated the new classroom for 15 month old children in 2005. I was excited! I was a member of Parkland College and it was (at first) the best thing for me to do because of convenience. But as time went on, I got to know her teachers, the staff and the atmosphere of my daughter's surroundings. I was once again a very happy mom to know that my daughter was being taken care of and she loved going to school everyday with me and being dropped off at the CDC.

I am an Army mom and as most of us know when the Army calls, I have to go. But what most of us don't know is that when I needed CDC to be there for me and my daughter, they were already standing there with their arms wide open. When I needed more days with my daughter before I left for training, no problem, or their understanding that someone else would be bringing her to school, no problem. What impressed me so much was that they all understood that my daughter would be going through some rough times being away from me and every last employee knew how to handle that situation and they always kept "me" in my daughters' heart and handled her difficult situations with compassion and understanding. Besides the well-being of my daughter, they were also concerned about me. Before I left for Iraq, Nancy (The Boss) sent out some e-mails just fishing around about getting assistance for my daycare bill while I was gone. She got some hits. Well I had come home from training for 4 days before I actually left for Iraq and she had found someone that gave me a scholarship fund to help out on my childcare expenses while I was away from my daughter. What Daycare Center in your life have you ever heard of that did something outside of themselves besides trying to make a dollar. The Teachers made awesome pictures of my daughter for me to take to Iraq. I even received care packages from the teachers and staff while I was in Iraq.

I have so much to say about my daughters experiences here and my experiences with Parkland CDC, but this will sum it up! The teachers at Parkland CDC are GREAT! And, most of all, my daughter loves coming to school at Parkland CDC."

Sincerely, Brooklen & Renee DeBord

"My daughter attended Parkland several years ago and because of our great experience while she attended my family and I were heart broken when she had to leave to attend kindergarten. When we gave birth to our son Isaiah, we could not wait until he was old enough to attend Parkland. What I love about Parkland is that the teachers are very knowledgeable regarding my child's development and they always seem to be in tune to his needs. The staff are always very friendly and are always willing to take the time to listen to me about any concerns that I might have. The biggest thing is that we find comfort when our son is excited about going to school and when he comes home telling us what he has learned that day."

--Derrick & Tasha Thompson

"I absolutely love everything about the CDC. Having a safe place for your children is everything parents can ask and at Parkland I found much more! From the teachers to the staff, from the landscape to the functional buildings, from the environment to the philosophy ....everything is wonderful! The teachers encourage their kids to be independent, improving their self esteem, but at the same time with the principal of teamwork and friendship. At CDC my kids are happy! They are always surrounded by loving and caring teachers worried about the cultural diversity of our community, respecting individualities and differences. The contact with nature through long walks around the college, going to the ponds, creeks and garden activities instigates their innate curiosity. We know the staff and we know that they are there because they love their jobs; they have passion in working with kids and making a difference. The feeling I have when I drop my little ones at CDC? I just want to stay! The environment is so good; their days are so fun. We can tell this by the moment we put our feet in the classroom! MY KIDS ARE HAPPY (and so are we)!!"

--Daniela Moreira

"The Child Development Center provides a nurturing environment for the kids. The teachers provide tools for the children to absorb concepts, but the primary emphasis is always on fun, so the kids don't realize that they are actually learning! As a parent, I have been impressed with the CDC since my since my first child went through the program. Even though I no longer attend Parkland College, and it is a bit of a drive for me to come in from Urbana, none of the pre-school programs closer to our home could match the CDC in what it has to offer."

-- Sherri Tafti

"Our daughter has been challenged, encouraged and supported in all her classroom activities. The enthusiasm and acceptance of the staff has stimulated her eagerness to learn and discover new things."

--Kelly Hill






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