10 Resume Tips

  1. Target your objective and resumé to the position you’re applying for, matching your qualifications to the job description.
  2. List the most relevant information first. Employers may spend less than 30 seconds skimming a resumé!
  3. Appearance and format are initially more important than content. If your resumé is too long or not visually appealing, the employer may not read it. Stick to one page if you are an undergrad or recent graduate.
  4. Use action phrases, not complete sentences, to list your job duties. Do not use personal pronouns (“I”, “me”, “my” are never included in a resumé). List “Relevant Course Work” if you do not have relevant work experience.
  5. Use a Microsoft Word document (but NOT the MS Word template). When sending electronically, type the cover letter in the text and attach your resumé.
  6. Use specific examples or statistics whenever possible to demonstrate your strengths (e.g., trained 18 employees, increased sales by 10%). Think accomplishments!
  7. Pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Have others proofread; don’t rely on “spell check.”
  8. Include participation in clubs, associations, or community and volunteer organizations. “Additional Activities” show how you developed interest and leadership abilities. Include awards and honors!
  9. Use keywords which will be identified by applicant tracking systems (e.g., Microsoft Word, UNIX, supervised, B.A. degree, MOUS, Windows NT, etc.).
  10. Be sure to ask your references before listing them on your resumé. They’ll be better prepared when an employer calls!



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