Key Skills Employers Want

Keep these skills and qualities in mind as you create your resumé and approach today’s competitive job market:

  1. Communication skills that demonstrate verbal, written and listening abilities.
  2. Computer aptitude based on the level required for the position being filled.
  3. Team-spirit which involves working cooperatively with a variety of people and treating others with respect.
  4. Basic math and reading skills.
  5. Interpersonal skills allowing you to relate to diverse co-workers and manage conflicts.
  6. Organizational skills so that you can plan & complete multiple tasks in a timely fashion.
  7. Problem-solving skills including the ability to think critically, and to identify and solve problems.
  8. Flexibility and adaptability to handle change in the workplace.
  9. Personal traits such as a positive attitude, motivation, integrity, honesty, and leadership potential.
  10. Dependability and a strong work ethic!


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