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After creating your account at, follow these ten tips to set up and maximize your online presence!

  1. Add a professional-looking photo of only yourself (NO SELFIES). Profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be found in searches.
  2. Stand out with a headline that describes how you want to be known on LinkedIn. Use your area of study and/or your career ambitions. Many employers do keyword searches to find profiles that contain the skill sets they’re seeking in potential hires. Check out profiles of people who hold the job you’d like to get and see which keywords they use.
  3. Choose the industry in which you intend to enter. If seeking a specific location for work, choose that location for your profile. This way, you will appear in searches for that area.
  4. Write a brief summary describing your professional background and aspirations. Describe your skills and abilities in short bursts of keyword-rich text. Use bullets to separate the information.
  5. List all the work experience you’ve had, along with brief descriptions of each role. List all the schools and colleges you’ve attended. LinkedIn helps you connect with former colleagues and networking contacts who may be able to help you find a job opportunity.
  6. Add at least 5 skills to your profile. Check out profiles of people in the field you plan to work and use the key words they use, but only if they are true to you!
  7. Ask for recommendations and endorsements from colleagues, clients, managers, professors, and classmates, not family and friends!
  8. Customize your URL to include something recognizable, like a name or shortened version of your name. Put the URL on your website, resume, email signature, and business cards to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile.
  9. Make sure your profile is error free. Don’t include photos, comments, or information you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see!
  10. Don’t just establish a LinkedIn presence - stay connected. Reach out. Interact. You will get out what you put in. Update your status about major projects you’ve completed, professional books/articles you’re reading, and professional successes you’ve had. This lets your contacts know what you are doing and serves as a sign of activity for potential employers.

Sources: LinkedIn Corporation 2013 & National Association of Colleges and Employers 2013

Visit the Career Center (room U238) for assistance with resumés, interviewing, career guidance, and occupational information.


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