Following Up

1. Always follow up after your interview! It shows your continued interest in a job opportunity and sets you apart from candidates who do not follow up.

2. Send a Thank You Note, either by email or hand-written. The most important thing is that you send it within 24 hours if possible.

3. Make a follow up phone call approximately two weeks later if you haven’t heard anything. Ask if they have made a decision or if you can provide additional information. Remind them again that you are still interested.

4. Learn when to move on. Follow up once, and if you receive no response, follow up once more. It’s good to seem eager, but not desperate. If you still don’t hear anything, move on.

Sample Thank You Note

A thank you note reiterates your interest in the position and gives you an opportunity to say anything you might have forgotten to mention during your interview!

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Thank you for interviewing me yesterday for the associate engineer position. I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about your research and design work.

The interview strengthened my enthusiasm for the position and interest in working for Casey. I believe my education and cooperative education experiences fit nicely with the job requirements, and I’m certain I could make a significant contribution to the firm over time.

I would like to reiterate my strong interest in the position and in working with you and your staff. You provide the kind of opportunity I seek. Please feel free to contact me at (876) 555-1234 or ( if I can provide you with any additional information.

Again, thank you for the interview and for your consideration.

Your Name


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