10 Interview Tips

  1. Do your homework! Familiarize yourself with the organization's website to see what services or products they provide. Why do you want to work for them?
  2. Review the job description and identify connections between your qualifications and the position. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  3. Dress on the conservative side, about one level higher than the job you’re applying for. Go easy with makeup, cologne, and jewelry. Iron your clothes, check for loose threads, and polish your shoes!
  4. Be polite and courteous to everyone. Your interview starts the minute you enter the building!
  5. Make a trial run, so you know how long it takes to get there, park, and find the room. Arrive approximately ten minutes early.
  6. Don’t be negative about past employers or work experiences. Employers like a positive attitude. Enthusiasm separates the winners from the losers!
  7. Do not ask about salary or benefits in your first interview. This can be negotiated after you’ve been offered the job.
  8. Be assertive, but not overbearing. Try not to interrupt or talk too much. Take a moment to think before you respond to difficult questions.
  9. Think about your short- and long-term professional goals. This shows confidence and ambition.
  10. Don’t leave the interview without knowing what will happen next. Ask when they plan to make a decision, ask for the interviewer’s business card, and follow up with a thank you note!

Typical Questions Asked During Interviews

Visit the Career Center (room U238) for assistance with resumés, interviewing, career guidance, and occupational information.


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