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CINDY GUTHRIE owns and operates her own business, Three Degrees of Change.  She has been a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) for ten years and has a Masters degree in Training and Development from Eastern Illinois University. Cindy has worked in the Human Resources field for thirty years. She has experience in every aspect of the HR process, including policy development, writing handbooks, and developing recruiting plans and compensation programs and has been instrumental in the start up of three HR departments.

CINDY HARRIS, SPHR has been a Human Resources practitioner for over two decades and has earned both a Business degree in Finance and Economics, as well as, Business Education.  She comes to the classroom with a depth of experience ranging from a Fortune 100 company to a non-profit association. Cindy is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources through the Society of Human Resources Management and serves on the board of her local chapter, Central Illinois Human Resources Group, as professional development chair.


AMA University Certificate Program in Human Resources

AMA University Certificate Program In Human Resources is sponsored by Parkland College Business Training in cooperation with the American Management Association

All courses qualify for PHR/SPHR recertification credits through SHRM

Complete all 6 AMA Human Resource courses through Parkland and receive a $250 rebate!*

Courses may also be taken individually.

(*only one rebate per person)

To receive the AMA University Certificate Program in Human Resources, you must complete 6 AMA Human Resources specific courses:

Compensation: How to Develop Effective Reward Programs

Cindy Guthrie, SPHR, MS, will help you gain a fundamental understanding of compensation that develops you into a primary resource for implementing new programs or improving existing ones. Determine and maintain pay levels that attract, retain, and motivate employees; develop compensation policy guidelines that reflect the company’s values and culture; learn the seven basic objectives when implementing an effective compensation plan.

Tue/Thu Oct 6 & 8, 2015
MGT 721-001Z
Fee $299 (Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Sep 29

How to Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning



Join Cindy Harris,SPHR, in learning how to assess an employee’s knowledge, skills, and performance levels; determine training objectives; evaluate internal and external training resources; use a variety of teaching methods and media; design and deliver effective training programs for company needs; and measure the results of your training program.

Tue/Thu Dec 1 & 3, 2015
MGT 757-001Z
Fee $299(Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Nov 24

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Cindy Guthrie, SPHR, MS, will discuss how to recruit, select, interview, and hire employees in full compliance with federal and state laws; establish a valid testing program; guard against charges of negligent hiring and discrimination; write job descriptions and specifications; develop cost-effective, competitive compensation and benefits programs; and much more in this important workshop.

Tue/Thu Feb 24-Mar 5, 2015
MGT 730-001Z
Fee: $499(Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Feb 17

Performance Management

Join Cindy Guthrie SPHR, MS, as she examines various performance management techniques, such as 360° feedback, surveys, and performance appraisals.  Performance management provides the knowledge and tools needed to design and implement a workable system that benefits the organization and inspires employees to manage their own performance.

Tue/Thu Apr 14 & 16, 2015
MGT 755-001Z
Fee: $299(Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Apr 7

Fair, Square, and Legal: A Manager's Guide to Safe Hiring, Managing, and Firing Practices

Do you know how to protect your business, your employees, and yourself from legal liability? Cindy Guthrie SPHR, MS, will help you gain the skills to identify potential employment law violations before they happen; investigate a harassment complaint; write safe job advertisements and descriptions; conduct safe hiring interviews and performance appraisals; determine what constitutes “reasonable accommodation” for employees with disabilities; and more.

Tue/Thu Jun 16 & 18, 2015
MGT 732-001Z
Fee: $299(Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Jun 9

Performance Appraisals: Strategies for Success

Effective performance appraisals can spell the difference between success and failure for the individual and the organization. Join Cindy Guthrie SPHR, MS, and learn how to evaluate actual performance against performance objectives; help an employee achieve performance or career objectives; provide positive, constructive performance feedback and counseling; and comply with the legal aspects of performance appraisals.

Tue/Thu Jul 14 & 16, 2015
MGT 733-001Z
Fee: $299(Book $95)

1- 5pm
Deadline: Jul 7


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