Community Spanish

Community Spanish®: A Survival Guide for English Speakers

Community Spanish is the most comprehensive program of its kind. Carefully researched and documented by language specialists and industry professionals, this program is designed to bridge the language gap between English-speakers and their Spanish-speaking neighbors. The goal of this program is to prepare English-speaking individuals to speak and understand general and basic Spanish used in routine interchanges with Spanish-speakers. Additionally, Community Spanish offers basic Hispanic/Latino cultural information designed that informs and educates English-speakers about unique aspects of the about Hispanic/Latino culture.

No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary.

Program Topics

Specific language sections for Community Spanish includes:

  • Spanish Pronunciation
  • Greetings & Goodbyes
  • Status Inquiries
  • Etiquette & Social Niceties
  • Introductions
  • Personal Information
  • Numbers
  • Compliments, Like & Dislikes
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Communication Strategies
  • Emergency Spanish
  • Giving Directions
  • Small Talk
  • Ordering Food & Drinks In A Restaurant

Included Appendixes:

  • Telling Time
  • Dates
  • Signs
  • Spanish Alphabet
  • Mexican Food Glossary
  • Colors
  • Occupations
  • Places
  • Deciphering Addresses
  • Relationships
  • Grade Equivalency Table

Special program features include:

  • Speaking In Spanish – This component of the program will teach participants how to “say” practical, common phrases and questions in Spanish. The Spanish used in this program has been chosen for its wide applicability among different Hispanic/Latino groups. For those persons with no prior knowledge of Spanish, this program includes a complete and easy-to-use phonetic system of sound approximations to aid in the pronunciation of Spanish items.
  • Listening In Spanish –  In this component, participants will learn how to comprehend many basic and common Spanish expressions and  phrases. Instructional content covered in this section will correspond to those language items taught in the “Speaking” component.
  • Hispanic/Latino Culture – This component deals with several of the most fundamental and generic, non-nationality specific aspects of Hispanic/Latino culture. This section includes such topics as Hispanic/Latino family structure, Hispanic/Latino Demographics and the Hispanic/Latino surname system.

Unlike traditional language study and academic courses, this program utilizes a unique, highly interactive learning system that allows participants to have fun while quickly building their Spanish language skills. Instructional system includes alpha-beta lines, learning pairs and triads, Total Physical Response (TPR), role-playing, and simulations. Professionally designed instructional materials are also included for the benefit of program participants.


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