Land Surveying

Basic GPS Surveying for Commercial Contractors (Hybrid)

Review the basic fundamentals of GPS operation with Todd Horton, PE, PLS, through discussion and hands-on field activities.  Discover the proper field practices for construction layout and topographic survey; care of equipment; survey planning; error management; and data management.


Tue/Thu Jul 23 - Aug 8

WBT 475-001Z

Fee: $699



Deadline: Jul 16



Our Evolving Datums: Looking Ahead

Discuss with Todd Horton, PE, PLS, the continuing evolution of the geodetic datums and their impact. Discover how to reduce confusion caused by positional shifts and look ahead at the coming changes in the horizontal and vertical datums.


Wed Jun 19

WBT 473-001Z

Fee: $155



Deadline: Jun 12



State Plane Coordinate Systems for GPS Users

Todd Horton, PE, PLS, will discuss the growing need for datum knowledge as GPS use increases. Discover geodetic datum basics; state plane coordinate system basics; vertical datums and the geoid; online positioning user service (OPUS); error management; and project planning.


Wed Jul 24

WBT 474-001Z

Fee: $289



Deadline: Jul 17





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