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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Parkland College Business Training in partnership with Illinois State University (ISU) is pleased to offer comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt training.  Students must complete the online exercises prior to the final meeting date of each course.  Once payment has been made, you will receive an email from ISU with instructions on how to access the online resources for the course.  Classes will be taught by ISU faculty.

Classes can be taken individually or as a series.   The six series classes (208 hrs) are required in order to prepare for the Six Sigma Green Belt Exam. 

Participants can participate in any of the following three ways:

  • Attend class via a live video broadcast BTCE Room 125
  • Attend a live class at the Alumni Center on the ISU campus
  • View the recorded broadcast video online (prefect for traveling and busy adults)

Six Sigma Green Belt Series
Part 1: Basic Statistical Concepts & Methods of Analysis – 101 (40 hrs)
Part 2: Statistics for Quality Assurance – 103 (24 hrs)
Part 3: Quality Management Systems – 102 (40 hrs)
Part 4: Statistical Process Control - 104 (40 hrs)
Part 5: Linear Regression and Design of Experiments - 105 (24 hrs)
Part 6: Six Sigma Methodologies - Green Belt Certification - 108 (40 hrs)
Total program Series is 208 hrs

For more information: (309) 438-5288.

Basic Statistical Concepts & Methods of Analysis - 101 (Hybrid)

Join Dr. Ron Meier and learn to apply basic statistical concepts including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, exploratory data analysis, probability distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests.

Coming again 2010!

Statistics for Quality Assurance - 103 (Hybrid)

Dr. Ron Meier and Dr. Rodger Singley will review descriptive statistics for discrete and continuous variables, probability concepts, probability distributions including normal, binomial, hypergeometric and Poisson, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and regression and correlation analysis. Prerequisite: MGT 744

Coming again 2010!

Quality Management Systems – 102 (Hybrid)

Dr. Ron Meier will examine how to facilitate and lead team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.

Coming again 2010!

Statistical Process Control - 104 (Hybrid)

Join Dr. Bruce DeRuntz as he discusses the theory and application of statistical process control techniques. Tools covered include flow charts, run charts, Parteto charts and analysis, cause and effect diagrams, frequency histograms, control charts, and process capability studies.  Prerequisite: MGT 776.

Coming again 2010!

Linear Regression and Design of Experiments - 105 (Hybrid)

Dr. Ron Meier and Dr. Mike Williams will explore linear regression analysis techniques to plan and analyze an experiment. Topics include comparative experiments, full factorial and fractional factorial designs, Latin square and mixture experiments, and ANOVA’s. Prerequisite: MGT 776 & MGT 777.

Coming again 2010!

Six Sigma Methodologies – Green Belt Certification - 108 (Hybrid)

Join Dr. Bruce DeRuntz in a review of the Six Sigma Green Belt body of knowledge. Assignments and case studies focus on representative questions from the ASQ Green Belt certification exam.
Prerequisites: MGT 775, MGT 776, MGT 777, & MGT 778.

Coming again 2010!

For more information: (309) 438-5288


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