Project Management Programs

Parkland College Business Training is pleased to offer comprehensive training in Project Management!


Project Management 101

Successful projects deliver both an end result that satisfies customer needs and an optimal return on investment to the business.  Discover the the project success you can achieve by applying effective project management practices.  As a preface to all of our other Project Management trainings, establish the need to align project objectives to business goals and uncover four project management practice basics.  Learn how to capture ‘gaps’ that are missing in your current practice and begin to identify actions to close the gaps.  


Mon Oct 5
WBT 464 001Z


Deadline Sep 28


Project Delivery Cycle

Projects enter the Project Delivery Cycle after they are accepted by the business and are allocated a budget. The cycle lasts for the duration of the project and includes all the activities that must be completed to successfully complete the project deliverables.  This is the phase that represents 90-95% of the project and where plans can quickly get off track. It is a ‘stressful’ time when all of the project execution issues and bottlenecks must be solved to avoid compromising the project end goals. Proactive management of the Project Delivery Cycle is paramount to ensuring the project delivers customer satisfaction and business return to guarantee a successful outcome for the project.  Learn effective tools and techniques to execute and control project direction throughout this phase of the project life cycle. Understand the importance of performing tasks to schedule dates, following a routine task update process to keep the plan current, and your responsibility to prepare for and contribute to project reviews.


Mon/Tue Oct 19 & 20
MGT 764 001Z



Deadline Oct 12

Project Management Professional Certification Training

Becoming  registered  as  a  certified  Project  Management  Professional  is  a  recognition achievement for individuals who chose careers in project management fields or project oriented businesses.  The PMP® Prep Course is designed for participants wanting to pass the Project Management Professional certification test.  By taking this course you will have a dedicated PMP® instructor who will create your personal study plan. Our Proven ALIPRO Success System - PASS will give you exam strategies and tips. Our baseline, interim and finish classroom test scores will develop your confidence in being able pass the certification exam.

This course comes with our ALIPRO PASS guarantee that states if, by following our training instruction, you do not pass the PMP® Certification exam, Alipro will re-train you and pay for your makeup exam.


Mon-Fri Sep 28-Oct 2
Mgt 765 001Z



Deadline Sep 14

Project Planning Cycle

A comprehensive delivery plan is the backbone of every successful project.  The project plan must address the entire work scope to deliver both customer requirements and business goals.  Discover the effective planning techniques and tools to build an all-inclusive project activity plan that can be used to manage the entire project life cycle.  This paper-planning’ course focuses on demonstrating all Planning Cycle steps - without the use of software.  Gain a full understanding of how planning information is assembled and how project schedules are calculated, thus enabling them you effectively own, explain and troubleshoot the content of your project plans.


Mon/Tue Oct 12 & 13
MGT 763 001Z


Deadline Oct 5


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