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Cynthia Bruno has a wealth of experience in the areas of visual and verbal presentation. As a local news anchor who has presented more than 4,000
hours of news to an audience, Cynthia has honed the skills of professional and effective public communication. Cynthia is also a certified image consultant. With her expertise in these areas, she trains clients to deliver dynamic speeches, coaches people and teams to use powerful messaging to make an impact on their audience, and helps people develop their personal and professional image.



Personal & Professional Development





Style for Success

Master your first impression by unlocking the style secrets to dressing for success with Cynthia Bruno.  Discover how you can use your own personal style to make a more powerful visual presentation, learn the styles and cuts that best flatter your assets, and find out how to discover your personal color profile.


Tue Nov 1

WBT 913 001Z




Deadline: Oct 25

Acing Your Presentation

Learn practical and proven ways to better your presentation and public speaking skills with Cynthia Bruno, television news anchor with more than 4,000 hours of reporting live. Discover how to deliver your material confidently and conversationally, all while demanding the attention of the room. In addition, identify what makes a strong speech, learn how to calm and use nervous energy, shape your message for maximum impact and avoid common public speaking pitfalls!

Thu Nov 3 

WBT 890 001Z



Deadline: Oct 27




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