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Barbara Minsker, Ph.D., is President & Founder of Joyful U and a Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  She has won national awards for her 15-year leadership of major national and university initiatives, has launched two start-up organizations, and has completed more than 400 hours of leadership  training at the Center for Authentic Leadership and CIC (Big 10) Academic Leadership Program, as well as 158 hours of mindfulness instructor training at University of Massachusetts Medical School and Duke University.


Personal & Professional Development





Mindfulness in the Workplace 101

Improve your HEALTH and PRODUCTIVITY!  Regular mindfulness and meditation practice has been shown to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; and improve focus, productivity, decision making, sleep, and creativity. Come and learn what the hype is all about with Barbara Minsker, Ph.D.!  


Mon Mar 7-28

WBT 325 001Z




Deadline: Feb 29

Bringing Your Energy & Passion to the Workplace

Uncover what brings you passion and energy, and how to shift your work in that direction. Simplify and focus your life to the essentials and improve work-life balance. Reduce stress from overload and overwhelm!


Mon Apr 4-25

WBT 326 001Z





Deadline: Mar 28

Rewiring for Resilience

Reduce stress levels associated with conflict! Develop the emotional intelligence required for navigating through uncertainty, conflict, and difficult relationships to achieve real results. With Barbara Minsker, bring transformation to your organization, community, and the world.

Mon May 2-23

WBT 383 001Z




Deadline: Apr 25



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