Motivating Employees to Be Their Best

Discover your skills and learn techniques to assist your team in developing a sense of community, acquire influence over their work-related actions, and enjoy the openness of shared information. Karen Deering will show you how to foster motivation, encourage intrinsic motivation within your team, and overcome obstacles




The Professional Advantage: Essential Business Etiquette

Bad manners and poor etiquette can cost both you and the company you represent. While the use of good business etiquette will not make up for lack of technical knowledge in the workplace, they will help you rise above others. Discover a variety of proven techniques that help you build both your personal and organizational branding and effectiveness with Rick Galbreath. Specific topics covered will include email, telephone calls and messages, and a wide variety of other social etiquette issues that impact how people perceive us.




Performance Reviews (Worth Doing)

Discover how good performance reviews make a difference in employee performance! Most supervisors don’t like doing performance reviews. They don’t like judging others, are concerned they will make people mad and, frankly they’ve not seen performance reviews help improve their employee’s performance. Many feel stressed and consider performance reviews a huge waste of time. Learn simple techniques to make performance reviews more meaningful, easier to do, and effective with Rick Galbreath.



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