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FAQs for CPR

How soon should I register for a CPR course?
Classes fill fast! Your program deadline will affect your certification needs. Please contact your program manager for the deadline.

How long is my CPR card valid?
Your card is valid for two years.

Do I need a book?
Yes, but only for the Option 2 – Instructor-Led and Hands-On Skills Session and Test. Textbooks are an integral part of CPR education, before, during, and after the course. You may reuse your textbook during renewals or updates until new science guidelines are published.

When will I receive my CPR Card?
It typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to process. If you need proof sooner, your instructor can issue you a temporary card upon successful course completion.

I’ve lost my CPR card; now what?
Request a replacement CPR card from the Carle Education office at 217/383-3022.


CPR for Healthcare Providers


Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Select an option to receive your CPR certification.

Option 1 – Online and Hands-on Skills Session & Test

Step 1:  Complete HeartCode® BLS at and print your certificate of completion. Fee is $25 (to be paid online). Effective June 1, 2016.
Step 2:  Register for one of the following to complete a hands-on skills session.
You will be issued an American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Course Completion Card upon successful completion of both sessions.


Option 1 Schedule




Tue May 10
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-037Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-038Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-039Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-040Z

Registration Deadline: May 3

Tue Jun 7
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-041Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-042Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-043Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-044Z

Registration Deadline: May 31

Tue Jun 14
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-045Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-046Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-047Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-048Z

Registration Deadline: Jun 7

Wed Jun 22
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-049Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-050Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-051Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-052Z

Registration Deadline: Jun 15

Tue Jul 5
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-053Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-054Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-055Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-056Z

Registration Deadline: Jun 28

Tue Jul 12
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-057Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-058Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-059Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-060Z

Registration Deadline: Jul 5





















Wed Jul 20
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-061Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-062Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-063Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-064Z

Registration Deadline: Jul 13


Tue Aug 2
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-065Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-066Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-067Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-068Z
Registration Deadline: Jul 26


Tue Aug 9
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-069Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-070Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-071Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-072Z

Registration Deadline: Aug 2

Wed Aug 17
5:30-6pm: WBT 500-073Z
6-6:30pm: WBT 500-074Z
6:30-7pm: WBT 500-075Z
7-7:30pm: WBT 500-076Z

Registration Deadline: Aug 10






































Option 2Instructor-Led and Hands-On Skills Session and Test
Complete a four-hour traditional instructor-led class, hands-on skills session, including a skills test with an American Heart Association instructor. You will be issued an American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Course Completion Card upon successful course completion.  
BOOK ADDITIONAL: Students are now required to receive the CPR Provider Manual one week before attending class. Students will be emailed an access code for the e-book manual on the deadline. Stu- dents will have a hard copy to use during class. If a student wants a hard copy in exchange of an e-book, they can be picked up before the deadline date at Business Training. After the deadline, a hard copy can be purchased for an additional $25 at Business Training.

Option 2 Schedule

Sat May 7
8am-noon: WBT 491-011Z
1-5pm: WBT 491-012Z
Book: $25

Registration Deadline: Apr 29

Sat May 14
8am-noon: WBT 491-013Z
1-5pm: WBT 491-014Z
Book: $25

Registration Deadline: May 6

Sat Jun 4
8am-noon: WBT 491-015Z
1-5pm: WBT 491-016Z
Book: $25
Registration Deadline: May 27

Jul 9
8am-noon: WBT 491-017Z
1-5pm: WBT 491-018Z
Book: $25

Registration Deadline: Jun 30

Sat Aug 6
8am-noon: WBT 491-019Z
Book: $25

Registration Deadline: Jul 28

Sat Aug 13
8am-noon: WBT 491-020Z
Book: $25

Registration Deadline: Aug 4





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