Parkland P-20 Initiative

P-20 is a system of educational initiatives networking the efforts of educators, policymakers, and citizens, designed to improve student learning at all levels, strengthen the connections between preK-12 schools and higher education, increase teacher preparedness and support, and promote smooth student transitions into college-level coursework.

Parkland P-20 Committee Members Include:

Randy Fletcher, Parkland College Academic Services
Dave Anderson, Parkland College, Engineering & Science Technologies
Marc Changnon, Career Programs Unit 4
Sheryl Drake, Parkland College, Natural Sciences
Nick Elder, Education for Employment # 330
Rochelle Harden, Parkland College Humanities
Kaizad Irani, Parkland College, Business & Agri-Industries
Pam Lau, Parkland College Academic Services
Lisa Lynn, Parkland College/P20 Initiatives
Lorie McDonald, Education for Employment # 330
Billie Mitchell, Parkland College Adult Re-entry Center
Rita Myles, Parkland College Health Professions
Jon Ross, Parkland College, Engineering & Science Technologies
Carolyn Schwabauer, Parkland College Humanities
Cathie Stalter, Parkland College, Engineering & Science Technologies



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