College Preparedness


Advising Guidelines

Academic advising at Parkland is a shared responsibility. The faculty, department chairs, and the Counseling and Advising Center each share the task of providing academic advice to students.

All Parkland students who are seeking a degree or certificate and who have not yet earned 30 hours of credit or are in selected programs regardless of number of hours earned must obtain advising prior to registering for classes.

Parkland students who are not seeking a degree (course enrollees) and students who have earned more than 30 credit hours are not required to see a faculty program advisor, department chair, advisor, or counselor prior to registration. However, students in the Health Professions programs must see a faculty program advisor regardless of the number of credit hours they have earned.


Regular and prompt attendance is expected at all classes. Regular attendance and consistent study habits are necessary for academic success in college. Faculty members have the prerogative of lowering grades for excessive absence.

Student Responsibility

Students bear full responsibility for any complications that arise because of their failure to follow established policies, procedures, course requirements and prerequisites, or the advice of counselors or academic advisors. The college does not consider lack of student awareness as sufficient reason to waive any requirement or make exception to any policy or practice.

Study Preparation

TRIO/Student Support Services has some great academic resources for college preparation, such as time management, concentration, study skills, note-taking, preparing for test, etc.



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